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Exercise And Injuries, What Should I Do Now?

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At-Home Exercise Helps After Hip Break: study

The writer always encourages a person to see a doctor about the injury first, just to be sure everything is alright and there is not some permanent damage that may need to be repaired, like a tendon tear or a fracture. Once you confirm that it is just a sprain or minor injury and most of the time rest is what most doctors will recommend. Now the prevailing thought is to give yourself as much rest as possible, take a week or two off and then continue p90X3 workouts exercising. Yes you the reader could take this approach and that would be perfectly fine, but maybe there might be something else that could be done instead. Well to begin with the writer disagrees with this plan of taking too much rest because unless you the reader have suffered a serious injury, there is no reason why a person cannot continue their exercise routine after a day or two.
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Dr. Mehmet Oz

“It’s good to know that works, but that’s not going to be realistic,” she said. To test a more realistic home-based program for helping seniors regain mobility and function, the researchers recruited 232 people aged 60 years old and older from the Boston area. All had experienced a hip fracture and had been released from a physical rehabilitation program within the past 20 months. The participants, whose mean age was 78, were then randomly assigned to one of two groups.
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