Good Girl Gone Bald! Rihanna Suffers Shocking Hair Loss From Overstyling — Is It Permanent?

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12 natural ways to achieve amazing hair

And finally, its catching up with her. International hair extension expert Tatiana Karelina tells exclusively that it appears that Rihannas experiencing hair loss because of her over-styling and she needs to stop before its too late. With all the different hairstyles Rihanna has sported over the years, her hair has been put through a lot of stress, Karelina explains. A few close-up pictures of the undercut style who the thick layers of weave on one side contrasting with the wispiness of her own hair and the thinning patch on the other. It seems that Rihanna has joined a long list of celebrities including Naomi Campbell , Kim Kardashian , and more paying the price for continuous wear of heavy weaves and wigs. In fact, the condition is much worse than just damaged hair. According to Karelina, RiRi displays signs of suffering from a medical condition known as traction alopecia. PHOTOS: Rihanna Parties Until Dawn Traction alopecia is caused by hair being pulled tightly, stretching hair follicles out and causing the attached hair to break and fall out , Karelina explains.
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Hair Loss Myths Debunked

The bladderwrack herb is also a good daily supplement for this condition. Don’t Forget Fatty Acids Essential fatty acids are good for the hair and they can be found in things like walnuts, Fish, Avocado and flaxseed. Bioton For Hair Bioton is good for the health of the hair and the scalp . Things like brown rice, nuts, and oats contain Biotin.
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Environmental factors that can provoke shedding include silicone-based shampoos and heavy waxes, which literally asphyxiate the scalp. Needless to say, heavy smoking and drinking have enormous impacts too. For most guys, the fear usually sets in when theyre greeted with a shower floor covered in their own hair. The good news is that our hair “capital” consists of 100,000-150,000 hair shafts and its perfectly normal to shed as many as 100 of these per day.
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